Bringing Your Dream Home




An eclectic country house in Eaglesham


In the small, historic town of Eaglesham, on a patch of land once occupied by an old cottage, we've been building North Kirlkands: the dream home of Ian Johnston.


Traditional styling, timber frame build with structural insulation panels.

2 floors
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 double-height living room
1 open plan kitchen diner

QBuild stepped in when my original builder let me down, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Jonathan and the guys were always courteous, positive and worked hard no matter what the weather threw at them.

I think the end result speaks for itself.

North Kirklands is an eclectic mix of contemporary styles and traditional materials.

The traditional exterior was achieved with an extensive use of stone cladding and Siberian Larch features.  

Spacious Living

Extensive glazing and expansive living areas make this 3 bedroom house a bright and airy country retreat that's perfect for welcoming guests.

The impressive, double-height living room spans both the ground and first floor, with a gallery view from the upstairs hallways that looks down into the large living area and provides a unique social aspect to this space.

At the far end of this room, a large glazed and South facing gable-end makes full use of the natural light. 


The project was an architectural collaboration with local sustainable design specialists, Architeco.

Underneath the traditional exterior the house is fortified using a modern Structural Insulation Panelling System (SIPS), for the ultimate in insulation and low-energy, low-cost efficiency.